My Adventures in Glasgow

McK takes on Scotland

My First Week

My first week in Glasgow has been so much more than I ever would’ve expected! I absolutely loved it! I never thought I would feel this at home this quickly in a place that is so different from anywhere I have ever been before. I have successfully moved into my flat, they call them flats not apartments, and it’s very nice and comfortable. It took me a while to get basic things like a towel and shower things, but eventually I got that all figured out. Still trying to find a good grocery store that is less than a 40 minute walk.

I also feel like I’m going to school at Hogwarts and Harry will pop out at any second! The campus is beautiful and the people are so friendly. One of the cities slogans is “the people make Glasgow” and I can agree with that. I was a little nervous that people may not like me simply because I am American, a fear someone had put into my head before I left, turns out that they love Americans here. It took a while and I am still not finished getting my classes all sorted out, but hopefully soon! I cannot thank the staff at McKendree enough for all the help they have been trying to get classes approved and that whole mess.

There is always something to do here and I love that! There are shops everywhere and a very active night life which is great. There activities on campus are amazing as well. They have 2 huge student unions that put on concerts and games and lots of activities for all the students. Some girls from college in Boston and I are going to an Aaron Carter concert on Sunday through one of the unions!


One comment on “My First Week

  1. Ann-Maree
    May 16, 2015


    I was looking at your post through the McKendree website. We are in Stirling Scotland and if you are still in Glasgow Scotland would love for you to get in touch as my son has signed to go to Mckendree on a tennis scholarship in August 2015




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