My Adventures in Glasgow

McK takes on Scotland

Expectations for Scotland

I am so excited to be traveling abroad. I think I probably would have gone just about anywhere just so that I could travel. I chose Scotland because the Universities there are very heavily focused on Math and Engineering and I need to finish up my math courses next semester. I chose Glasgow instead of Edinburgh because, well actually I don’t really know why I did at the time the application was due Glasgow seemed more appealing. Edinburgh is very close though only a train ride away, as is most everything in the UK. The University of Glasgow is HUGE there’s something like 40,000 students that go there and it’s in the heart of a major city so it’s a big change from McKendree, but one that I am so excited for! I’m nervous about being lost in the crowd and not making genuine friendships because there are so many people there. I’m not too worried about the classes, but who knows maybe I’ll get a professor that has the thickest Scottish accent anyones every heard (hopefully not though). I really can’t wait to go on this adventure and to be immersed in a whole new culture and learn about how they live and their customs. That might sound weird but I’m fascinated in other cultures and seeing how people who are biologically the same can live so differently. I know I am going to learn so much throughout my time there I just can’t wait to find out what that is!


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